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We welcome our new Music Director...Dr. Joseph Merkel to our staff.  He has been teaching music since 1990.  His church work is vast and eclectic.  He has led choirs and worship in the Lutheran setting, AME Zion Church setting, Christian church setting and other houses of worship.  He is well versed in the traditional, gospel and contemporary genres of music.  He has worked in contemporary Christian music working with such luminaries as Carmen, Michael W. Smith, C.C. Winans and Hezekiah Walker (Every Praise is to Our God).  Dr. Joe, as we will be addressing him, is a professional vocalist, pianist/organist/keyboardist.  He is an expert sight-reader and expert in playing by ear!  Many of his talents were on full display for our Christmas Eve worship service as our guest keyboard player.  He will be working closely with Pastor Raggie and the worship leader-singers to create great worship so that we may bring honor and glory to God.  He has many ideas, much enthusiasm and talents we hope to tap into as his work unfolds.



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