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Alzheimer's Disease and other Neurological Disorders

24 hour help line available at 1-800-272-3900.  Phones are manned by real humans, Master level social workers based in the Chicago office of the Alzheimer's Association.    They can help you locate doctors, testing sites, therapists, home care agencies in your area.  They can also just listen when you need to talk as a stressed out caregiver.  Please use this FREE number!

Monthly Support Group held at HCLC on the 1st Tuesday of every Month at 7 pm.

Barb Kaiser is group leader and was the primary caregiver for her mother.  Her number is 631-819-1661.  For upcoming educational classes, conferences or care consulations with a social worker,  contact the Long Island Alz. Association office at 631-629-6950.


There are 3 things that Teepa Snow's videos are really good for (find her online at her website Positive Approach to Care or on youtube:

1.  gaining awareness and knowledge

2.  seeing another person's perspective

3.  introducing you to skills you can use immediately = hand under hand, GEMS state model, etc. you as the care partner want to be right or do you want this situation to work??

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