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What's Happening at Sunday School...

We started off spring in Sunday School continuing meeting some of Jesus's friends. On March 27th we met two sisters, Mary and Martha. Jesus was coming to their house and they were very excited. Martha was so excited she wouldn't stop cleaning up! In fact she kept on cleaning while Jesus was visiting. She got mad  at her sister for stopping and spending time with Jesus. Jesus explained to Martha that her sister made the right choice by putting Jesus first. We had a fun time acting out the bible story.  We talked about putting Jesus first or if we want to be a Mary or a Martha in life. We listened  to a fun song about Mary and Martha and worked on our butterfly/ A word project for Easter.

On April 3rd our lesson was about The Last Supper. We learned that The Last Supper was actually a Passover meal. We went back in the Old Testament and revisited Moses and his leading the Jewish People out of slavery. That is what the Passover meal celebrates!  We also learned The Last Supper was also the basis of us receiving Holy Communion. The body and blood of Christ. We found out that The Last Supper took place on the Thursday of Holy Week called Maundy Thursday. We watched a short video about Passover and The Last Supper and finished up our butterflies for Easter.


April 10th was Palm Sunday. It marks the beginning of Holy Week. The Sunday School children processed into church waving our palms. After that we went downstairs and had our annual Easter party. We also learned about Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey and the sadness and heartbreak of Good Friday. Miss Sue taught the 5th and 6th graders how to make crosses out of their palms and we enjoyed lots of delicious food!




        April 17th was Easter! We had no Sunday School but the children where there to release the Alleluias. This year we made our butterflies out of toilet paper rolls. We thought it was a great way to recycle something and help care for Gods earth.

On April 24th we returned to Sunday School and met another one of Jesus's friends- Zaccheus. Zaccheus was a very short man with a big reputation for being not so nice of a guy. He was a tax collector and he cheated the people of Jericho out of their money. This made Zaccheus rich and hated! When Jesus came to Jericho to preach, Zaccheus was so excited! He had to climb a tree to be able to see Jesus over the crowd. Jesus saw Zaccheus and invited himself to Zaccheus's house. This made the people mad but Jesus didn't care. He went to Zaccheus's house and after spending time with Jesus Zaccheus decided to change. He payed back all the people he cheated and gave away all of his money. We learned the song "Zaccheus was a wee little man" and did a Zaccheus craft. Next week we will start learning about Jesus's life after the resurrection.   

    Looking To Give?
Sunday School is always welcoming of your donations. Currently we are in need of  Juice Boxes/ pouches, small water bottles, individually wrapped snacks such as goldfish, pretzels, fruit snacks, and chips. Thank you for your continued support!    
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