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The family of Holy Cross greets you this day and welcomes you to this site. We come together regularly to worship and celebrate as a community, and to give thanks and praise for the blessings from God’s almighty hand. We are glad that you are here and hope that you enjoy your time with God and with us.

Our mission statement is "Helping people know and share the love of Christ."  Very simply stated it says that we are about helping anyone who desires to be on a faith journey to come to know the amazing love, the grace of God who is the gift of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for all people and then share that gift, that understanding, that joy, that message, with others.

If we can be of any assistance to you or your loved ones, please be in touch with us.


Yours in Christ’s Love,

Rev. Claudia D. Raggie


During the Season of we often think of it as a time of sacrifice, mirroring the great sacrifice of our Savior Jesus on the cross, we GIVE UP something for Lent.

This year we are asking you to consider and participate in the WHAT I GAVE UP FOR LOVE program.  When you give up cookies or candy or Starbucks or Taco Bell or whatever....we ask that you use the purple box that you will be given to make a co mparable or commensurate financial gift and put it in the box.

Dunkin Donuts coffee really adds up.  So does a bagel and cream cheese.  Why not support the church with your sacrifice and say, This is what I did for for God and love for my church.  When you pick up your purple container please write your name inside so we can credit your giving.

Come join us for Lenten Midweek worship, 7:00 pm

Theme:  Psalms for Life

March 8th - Spiritual Low points: Psalm 42...there are times in our life when we are not sure God is with us, or even cares about us.  He may seem so far off.  We can hope in God.

March 15th - Have mercy upon me, O God: Psalm 51:1-12... This is the utterance of a heart crushed and broken by the consciousness of sin.  The only hope a sinner when crushed with the consciousness of sin is the mercy of God.

March 22nd - You Know Me:  Psalm 139:1-18....How can you grasp a God, who knows every thought that you've ever had?  God loves us so much that He fashioned you and me, He breathed into each of us his breath of life!

March 29th - Who's God Your Back?: Psalm 121...Our help comes from the Lord through His vigilant, never wearying, sleepless protection.  The LORD himself watches over you!

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