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Lent has long been understood as a season of practice for the disciples of Christ.  Lent is a time of spiritual conditioning; growing deeper in our journey of faith and our walk with God.  Will you commit with me to a daily spiritual workout for  the next 40 days?

Consider exchanging 30 minutes of TV for 30 minutes of bible reading and prayer.

Consider exchanging one mealtime a day for prayer and fasting.

Consider exchanging social media for a time of listening to God.

Consider giving up 30 minutes of FaceBook for 30 minutes of Christan reading.

Consider getting up a half hour earlier and starting your day working out with God.

Consider exchanging time on the phone with friends for time in prayer talking with God.

Consider adding time for praising God at midweek Lenten Worship

Consider for people in whatever place you find yourself in (grocery, work, store)

Consider sxchanging the noise in your life (music, gossip, chitchat) for some simple holy time in prayer, reading,watching a faith based movie.


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Traditionally we have been asked to go deeper in our spiritual journey by exercising the spiritual discipline of self-denial or sacrifice; "giving up" something.  This is a good practice.  In addition, we offer you to "TAKE UP" something.  This could mean adding to.... the work of reading the Bible, praying more, worshipping more, listening to Chrisitan music, rereading the worship bulletin weekly and meditating on the songs and hymns found there.  It may be working on a troubled relationship, reaching out to an elderly neighbor, contacting people with words of encouragement and love.  The list is endless.  As you take on the challenge your heart may grow a little bigger, a little wiser, a little more supple for God to continue his work in you.

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