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Indoor Worship with Holy Communion
Sunday mornings at 10:00AM
Live Streaming directly on our website and Facebook

We come...together in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving!
We come...together to celebrate Holy Communion!
We a community desiring to know the love of God!
We share his love with those who do not know him!
We come...just as we are!
When God is involved, we are never the same!
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Image by Aaron Burden

What Lutherans Believe

Sola Fide.....Latin for "faith alone", it was one of Luther's main beliefs and opposing Catholic teachings.  He believed the Catholic church misled people when they said whoever purchased indulgences would be free of their sins or at least reduce the time of sinners spent in purgatory.  Luther did not believe that acts of charity or good works earned God's salvation.  Salvation cannot be earned.  Salvation comes only from having faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Sola Scriptura.....Latin for "scripture alone", was also one of Luther's main beliefs that Bible Scripture was the only authority concerning the business of faith for Christian believers.  He denied the pope's traditional authority to teach the word of God through his own interpretations that were contrary to Bible Scripture, including teaching believers to pray directly to Mary and the saints.  He accused the pope and the church of distorting Biblical truths and corrupting Christian teaching.  He come to believe the Bible, interpreted by individual believers, was the only true authority of faith for Christians.  He believed that faithful Christians must consider the Bible Scriptures as the authentic Word of God.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, they can then interpret its meanings for themselves.

Sola Gratia.......Latin for "grace alone", is a belief that Luther shared with the Catholic church, with this exception:  the Catholic church endorsed that although salvation is made possible by grace, faith and works of people are means to sustain grace.  The church was endorsing a mixture of both reliance upon the grace of God, and confidence in  the merits of a believer's own works performed with love.  For the Lutheran tradition, the doctrine of salvation by grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone is the material principle upon which all other teachings rest.

" So deeply do we care for  you that we are determined to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves because you have become very dear to us."

1 Thess.  2:8

Praying for one another is a huge part of our ministry here at Holy Cross.  Feel free to leave a prayer request below.  Your prayer will automatically be sent to the church office.
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Thoughts from Pastor Raggie

The season of Epiphany began last week as we saw the Magi come to honor the newborn King, Jesus.  This story, the truth tells the world that Jesus did not just come into the world to be Messiah and Savior to the Jews but has come the Gentiles (all non-Jews) as well.  They came to worship him and bring him special "Kingly" gifts to acknowledge his great importance.  They recognized in whose presence they were.  The season of Epiphany continues to the beginning of the Lenten season.  It is about the minfestation of Jesus as the One sent by God to rescue the world and bring all people back to his heart.  Epiphany means, "manifestation or revelation", thus we take a look at scriptures that tell us who Jesus is and the power he has been imbued as God's Son.  We see Jesus showing forth, revealing, himself as the One sent by his heavenly father to redeem the world.  Jesus has come into the world and has changed the world forever.  It is a season for our seeing the glory of God in Jesus.

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Item of the Month
Old Books

The Item of the Month are reams of paper!

 Your donations will be very much appreciated! Thank you for helping to keep our ministry costs down. Donations can be left in our collection drawers to the left of the Narthex (Lobby) entrance. God bless!

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Red Wagon Food Pantry




Non-perishable food donations are always appreciated!  Please drop off food items in the Red Wagon in the narthex.

""Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi years" will be shown on Feb. 21st at HCLC at 7 pm.  The movie tells the true story of Sabina and Richard who spoke of God's love during the Nazi and Communist oppression.  Both spent years rescuing Jewish children from the ghettos.  They taught in bomb shelters and spent years in Communist prisons, leaving their son to live on the streets while they were in prison.  Your faith will get you through any storm; you just have to believe.

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You are assigned to work on a team on the Cary Underwood Case.  This cold case began in 1995 with the disappearance of Cary Underwood and was resumed in 2014, following an earthquake that led to the discovery of what turned out to be Cary Underwood's body.  You will receive the complete files for your team on 


First, your team will be fed dinner and dessert.

Then, you will have until 8 pm to discover who did this crime.  The Vichy Police Department will need reservations of course.  Contact HCLC at 631-588-9509 or Mary Beth at 631-428-6448.  Many thanks to Leann Yap for organizing this event.

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