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The family of Holy Cross greets us this day. We come together to worship each Sunday at 10 am and celebrate the many blessings God has given us. We glad you are here to worship with us. Enjoy your time with God and with us. Lift your voice in praise, prayer and thanksgiving. If we can be of assistance to you or your loved ones, please be in touch by phone(631-588-9509) or email (hclc

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Holy week begins with Palm Sunday.  Today we celebrate the pinnacle, the high point of Jesus' ministry and mission in the world.  The week starts out with high hopes and great expectations as Jesus entered into the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey, greeted with resounding cheers of joy:  Hosanna, Hosanna to the Son of David!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.  Soon shouts of celebration and joy get lost in cries of "Crucify him! crucify him! We have no King but Caesar!"  Those who rejoiced in His coming turn away in disgust for how can he be the Messiah?  They turned away from him.  They nailed him to a cross to die.  Rejected, scorned, alone.

Riding on a donkey:  this animal symbolized the peaceful leader.  If Jesus was riding on a horse he would be displaying himself as a conquering leader for the people.  Behind the hero on the horse would be the conquered people and their flags demonstrating victory. 

Palm branches:  an ancient symbol of victory used by the disciples as Jesus entered Jerusalem.  They were used to greet all royalty as they entered into the city.  Used to keep the dust down and to show honor. 

Hosanna:  a Hebrew expression which means "Lord, save us!" shouted in solemn procession in the ancient Jewish Festival of Tabernacles.  The shouts of joy are for thoughts that the Lord will really appear to save the Jewish people.  The did this yearly.  So of course they thought this time the Lord had come, so shouts of hosannas rang out.  The Lord had indeed come to save his people. 

Jerusalem:  the city which is the seat of the Jewish religion, the temple, the only one extent,  the center of Jewish life.

Crucifixion:  was reserved for the worst criminals. It was used as a visual deterrent for others who might want to go astray.  It was a brutal way to die.  One died of suffocation as the weight of the body collapses and the head rests on the chest and the lungs struggle for breath.


Praying for one another is a huge part of our ministry here at Holy Cross.  Feel free to leave a prayer request below.  Your prayer will automatically be sent to the church office.

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Thoughts from Pastor Raggie

Heavenly Father, We thank You for the joy of Palm Sunday for it reminds us of your triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Today we get to join our voices with the company of believers down through the ages shouting our hosannas and praising You for the salvation You have brought upon us. Let us have hearts renewed in the days ahead as we walk the road to Calvary's hill, there to witness your great love and sacrifice all for the sake of love. In Your Name We Pray. Amen.

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