APRIL 2014


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“No eye has seen,

no ear has heard,

no mind can conceive

what God has

prepared for those

who love Him. ”

1 Corinthians 2:9

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We carry two small monthly devotional booklets, THE WORD IN SEASON and OUR DAILY BREAD. In each booklet there are short devotional stories and scriptures that magnify the story. They are free.


They change quarterly. Please make sure you pick one up and use it as a way to focus your day. You can pick them up on the table to your right on the way out or at the Information Center. God bless!






“Helping people to know and

share the love of Christ”


The family of Holy Cross greets you this day. We come together each week to worship and celebrate the many blessings God has given us. We invite you to join us and enjoy your time with God and with us and lift your voice with ours in praise, prayer and thanksgiving. If we can be of assistance to you or your loved ones, please be in touch.









Midweek Services: April 2nd and 9th at 7:00 pm

Conf Rehearsal and Dinner: April 10th

WELCA Communion Breakfast: April 12th

Palm Sunday: April 13th

Confirmation Service: April 13th

Maundy Thursday Worship: April 17th

Good Friday Worship: April 18th

Love Baskets / Church Decorating: April 19th

Easter Sunday: April 20th

Red Wagon Food Pantry: Donations needed!

Item of the Month: paper towels

Noah’s Ark Preschool: Excellent program. Call the office at 631-588-2942 Accepting registration for Spring 2014!

Sunday School: Continues! See Lauren Rogers for info

Confirmation: Monday nights

FaceBook: Holy Cross is there so tell your friends AND are you a friend? Noah's Ark Preschool is there too!




“ He has risen! He is not here.”






Spring has come to CrossWords & Gifts!

Our CrossWords & Gifts store is Long Island’s source for Christian inspired gifts, specializing in gifts for your family and friends that touch the heart. Let us help you find that special gift you are looking for.


Maybe you know someone who could use a pick-me-up book or card. Maybe you know someone who you appreciate and value in your life and want to let them know. Maybe you want a quiet place to read. We have that and many books for you to peruse too! Maybe you just feel like you have a need to pray... well stop on by and introduce yourself to our staff.


Spread the Good News! For $6.00 you can purchase a Bible for our military men and women deployed throughout the world. You may add a note, a prayer, a blessing to it as well. CW&G will make sure it gets mailed.


Shop our store in person! Store hours: 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. Open after services on Sunday mornings. Shop our store on-line! Open 24/7.









It is a time of spiritual renewal - a time to give thanks for the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ... a time to meditate, pray and reflect... a time to raise our voices in praise, singing “heart” songs.



RECEIVING HOLY COMMUNION . . . All who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior are welcomed to the table for Holy Communion. You do not have to be a member at Holy Cross, but you do need to be a Christian: a believer in God the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.


F.Y.I. ABOUT HOLY COMMUNION . . . What is intinction? It is taking the bread (Body of Christ) at Communion and dipping it into the chalice which contains the wine (Blood of Christ). We receive this way because it is closer to the original intention of the Lord’s Supper. In biblical times, bread was used to swab the plate clean and dry out the remaining wine in the chalice. Remember, hold on to the bread and body of Christ and IN TINCT. It is not how we receive that gives the bread and wine its sacredness; that comes from the one giving it, Jesus.


KNEELING AT HOLY COMMUNION TIME . . . We are encouraging you to take this step of faith. After receiving Holy Communion you have time to come before God by kneeling in prayer. Stay as long as you like. Kneel and listen to the words being sung all around you. Kneel and have your quiet, humble time before your God.



WE GATHER PRAYER REQUESTS . . . before our worship begins. This helps us to care for one another and pray for one another. It helps us to reach out and share another’s burdens.



CHASUBLE CHANGE . . . This is the colorful garment that Pastor wears over her robe. It is used to signal the celebration of Holy Communion. Pastor puts it on just before the celebration of Holy Communion as a visual reminder that just as we dress up for weddings, parties and special occasions, Pastor “dresses-up” for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.


SINGING DURING HOLY COMMUNION . . . This time in our worship is an opportunity for us to raise our voices in praise of our Savior. We use songs that are easy to learn and that seem to “stick with us” as we leave on Sunday mornings. You may find yourself or your children singing them throughout the day. That’s great! We call these songs “heart songs” because they go from the mind, deep down into the heart - committed to memory without really realizing it. Then, in unexpected moments, the words and the melody ascend from the heart into the mind and are placed on our lips. Let’s praise God together.


GLUTEN FREE COMMUNION WAFERS . . . We now have them for those of you who are on a gluten free diet. Let Pastor know if this would be helpful to you. Come to the altar when the ushers come for Holy Communion (when Pastor communes herself, ushers, acolytes etc.)


DID YOU KNOW THAT . . . the reason we face the cross during the Processional Hymn when the cross is first brought into the church, and the Gospel Procession, when the cross and the Bible are brought to the center of the Sanctuary amidst the people, is to give honor and glory to God for the sacrifice He has made for us in His Son Jesus Christ, and in thanksgiving that we will once again be refreshed and renewed with His Word.




“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that all those who believe in him might not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


THOUGHT FOR TODAY . . . You are alive because God lives in you. He is more than your helper or comforter - HE IS YOUR LIFE! “Whoever has the Son has life.” 1 John 5:12a






Did you know that you can express your faith in a very special way – through a carefully considered gift to the church? We call this PLANNED GIVING. A Planned gift is one of the best ways for you to help the church further Christ’s work. The 21st Century brings many challenges to our ministry as we seek to reach others with the good news of a great God. Holy cross is committed to impacting the community and to creating Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that the local church is the hope of the world. God has given us many gifts including the assets we’ve received for our material security and well-being. Managing these assets faithfully is part of our Christian responsibility and journey of faith. What we choose to give reflects our spiritual values. We honor God by using what He has first given us to support His work. Remember, how much we give isn’t as important as the faithful regular act of giving. Your Planned Giving gift can come from many sources: Securities, Property, Life Insurance policies, IRA’s, Annuities, Revocable Trusts, Collections such as coins, antiques, art, etc., unused retirement funds (left over from your company pension plan), sale of your home (with a biblical tithe of 10%). YOUR ESTATE IS GIVEN TO YOU IN TRUST FROM GOD. WHY NOT USE IT WISELY IN GOD’S SERVICE.



WE WANT YOUR USED INK CARTRIDGES... if you don’t want to take them back to the store WE WILL. Bring them in and we will go to Staples to collect Reward Dollars which are good for purchasing products in their store.







HCLC Children's Choir rehearsals have begun again - 10:30 am (between services) upstairs in the Choir room. Check the bulletin board going upstairs to the Choir loft for dates. Kids, come add your voices in praise to Jesus! See Eleanor Makinen or Kenny Zagare, our Director of Music.








by volunteering to help with various projects, you will meet people and you will be serving God. By attending the many fellowship events, you will make new friends. Get involved, serve the Lord, you will feel good and grow spiritually; and have a richer more meaning-filled life.






Our weekly Prayer Chain has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year. It is a great way to stay informed as to what is happening in the lives of our Holy Cross family members, and to offer a prayer of healing, assistance or thanks to God during the middle of the week. We e-mail out our prayer list to over 300 HCLC members and families, youth, college students and former HCLC members weekly. If you would like to receive this, e-mail tmandd@optonline.net.





BECOMING A FULLY DEVOTED FOLLOWER OF JESUS... devoting our lives to Jesus Christ and living Kingdom values, we turn in our world’s lenses and exchange them for the Lord’s lenses, His spectacles of life. Instead of seeing the world and interpreting reality through the eyes of the world, the CHANGE in your spirit now enables you to see reality through His eyes. This spiritual renewal triggers a whole-life renewal. The most important decision you will make is how to respond to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in relation to your own mortality. The second most important decision you will make is how you will live in the light of your first decision, responding to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Pray to God for wisdom and a discerning spirit that guides you to know him. Make an intentional and informed choice and pursue Jesus. If you already have accepted and invited Jesus into your life then, go on a journey to learn how to think like Jesus so that you may live more like Him. Come and worship. Get involved in learning opportunities. Read about God’s love.





We all have moments when God just seems to break through the circumstances of life and make himself known in awesome and wonderful ways. At Holy Cross we call them God Moments. They are reminders that God is with us. They come when times are darkest. They come when it seems there is no way around a problem. They come in the form of a hug, a laugh, a person, an easing of a problem. There are no circumstances in life...THERE ARE ONLY GOD MOMENTS. How about sharing your God moment with your church family? We are asking you to take a few minutes and write out your moment and give it to someone at the Information Center in the lobby of the church. We will be compiling a special God Moments Journal for our members and for guests who worship with us. (You can email yours into HCLC, too, at hclc@optonline.net)








Council Members


We are grateful for the commitment of our Council Members to our mission and offer prayers of success for them as they assist in leading our ministry.






Contemporary Christian Music Ministry

Everyone at Holy Cross knows of the amazingly talented music ministry we are blessed to have at Holy Cross. Ken Zagare and the choir never fail to inspire our faith during Sunday worship services and at special events like the Christmas Cantata. The Children’s Choir and the Hand Bell Chorus are other inspiring examples of God’s handiwork in our incredible music ministry. But not everyone is aware of our extended music ministry. Growing out of our former Reach Service, Charlie and Virginia Ward and Eileen Hill have continued their musical faith journey and serve together in bringing our ministry beyond our doors to other parts of our community. Over the years and beyond Reach, they have sung and played for Holy Cross at confirmation classes and special events, in the Narthex between services, and in our Crosswords and Gifts shop. Performing acoustically as Hill & Ward, Eileen and Charlie appear regularly at Witteridge Nursing Home and the Rushing Wind Biker Church, and have also helped extend our ministry to Lakeshore Nursing Home, Briarcliff College, Gospels Café (at Holding Out Hope Church, home of WLIX Christian Radio), Samantha’s Little Bit of Heaven, and at other local churches throughout Suffolk, including St. Paul’s in Northport. Eileen and Charlie also record and perform with their new classic Christian rock band, Trinity Express. The band includes Joe Cannone and Wayne Troisi on drums and bass, and Holy Cross alumni Jon Riss and Robert Schulz on keyboards and lead guitar, with Terry Espinosa in the recording studio on backing vocals. Trinity Express features original music written by Eileen, Charlie and Virginia. Watch for updates on Hill & Ward and Trinity Express, our extended music ministry.








Donations of AA batteries and postage stamps are always appreciated!



Your donations of office supplies, pens, reams of paper, batteries, paper towels, etc. are very much appreciated and help keep our ministry running. Thank you!



Please visit our web calendar for details on current meetings


Cross.wmf (1830 bytes)WELCA Evening Circle - Evening Circle meetings for Holy Cross’ unit of Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are held monthly at the church at 7:00 pm in our CrossWords & Gifts store. All women are warmly welcome.

Cross.wmf (1830 bytes)WELCA Reading Circle -
WELCA Reading Circle meetings are held monthly on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm at various members’ homes. If you would like to join us or need directions, please call the church office at 631-588-9509.



Holy Cross’ Extended Ministry


We are the CHURCH Together in Worship Service Prayer


Holy Cross’ Extended Ministry

Sunday Worship at


Lake Ronkonkoma


Holy Cross’ extended ministry continues on at the Lakeshore Assisted Living Facility. It is going and growing under the leadership of Deacon Chris Thompson together with Deacon Dee Hecker. Each week the ministry of Holy Cross is extended to the good people there through worship and holy communion. Pastor Raggie joins them on the non Sunday worship services. Many people help make this a loving extended ministry of HCLC. Want to help? Be in touch with Deacon Chris or Deacon Dee.


Holy Cross’ Extended Ministry

Saturday Worship at




We received a telephone call to lead worship at the Arbors, an assisted living facility in Bohemia. Deacon Chris checked it out and spoke with people there and we made a commitment to extend our ministry there too! It is a joy and a privilege to do so. Are you interested in helping? It will be on a Saturday morning at 10:00 am one to two times a month. Let Deacon Chris Thompson or Deacon Dee Hecker know, or call the church office.





EXECUTIVE BOARD . . . The Church Council is led by the Executive Board comprised of, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Pastor. According to our church constitution and in compliance with our national church body, this is how the “business” aspects of the church is organized and the “corporation” is led. Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month. EXECUTIVE BOARD OF THE CHURCH COUNCIL 2011 . . . Elected by the Council are the following to the Executive Board: Valerie Barba is our Church President. Vice President is Deacon Dee Hecker, Treasurer is Neal Henshall and Recording Secretary is Barbara Drewes.




This is a group of 10-12 people, elected by the congregation. It is the “business” leadership body of the church. The Council meets at least once per month: The 2nd Tuesday. At this meeting, committees, special teams, Pastor, deacons, Noah’s Ark Preschool, all present reports of the activities that they have been involved in. It is a time to review the past activities, and make plans for the future. The council sorts through the issues that face a busy, growing ministry, celebrate the successes and make sure that everything that is done is put through the paradigm of the mission statement and the philosophy of the Lutheran Church. They work with Pastor to ensure things are done with great care for the well-being of the ministry. Please pray for them.



DEVOTIONS . . . we carry two small monthly devotional booklets, THE WORD IN SEASON and OUR DAILY BREAD. In each booklet there are short devotional stories and scriptures that magnify the story. They change quarterly. Please make sure you pick one up and use it as a way to focus your day (the table to your right on the way out). FREE.



WE SEND LETTERS . . . every time you give a gift in memory of someone, in thanksgiving for someone or something, or in honor of someone or something, the ministry of Holy Cross sends the gift giver a letter of thanks and whenever possible sends a letter to the person honored or memorialized. So, if you give a gift to the ministry through the Sponsor A Bill program, or through the special funds and highlight who or what it is for, letters are sent and people are recognized. Please make sure you put in the address of the person in your gift so we can send the letter.



WE HAVE AN INFORMATION CENTER . . . in the narthex (lobby) of the church. There you will find someone to assist you with questions and you can find brochures that explain our ministries.



WE ALWAYS NEED HELP . . . in the office....Phones need to be answered, letters need to be typed, guests need to be greeted, bulletins and the Parish News needs to be run off, folded and collated, and so much more. In the store....we need volunteers to keep the costs down and thereby use the financial resources to fund the ministry of HCLC. Quick training and a few hours a month will really make a difference. Call Diana, 588-9540 or the store. Around the campus always needs to be cleaned up; papers, branches, leaves. This is your worship home.



IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER REQUESTS . . . Prayer requests are a great way to gather God’s people in prayer. Each Sunday morning we solicit your prayer requests. It is one of the most important things we do. Prayer opportunities include:

Verbally requesting prayers

Using the prayer mailbox in the church lobby

Joining the prayer community on Wednesday nights

Calling the Church office to have prayers included on our prayer chain

Calling the Church office to have persons included on our written list in the Parish News

Email Tom Moldovan to add the request to the weekly email list




Sign up sheet is at the Information Center. It is a great way to honor a loved one or memorialize someone. As a church family we get to celebrate with all of you. Someone will be glad to assist you and show you the ropes.



INTERESTED IN MEMBERSHIP? . . . go to the Information Center. There is a card you can fill out that will get you on the mailing list. There are booklets there to read and someone to ask questions of. Membership sessions are held throughout the year so watch the Parish News (this booklet). You don’t have to make the commitment right away. We are just glad you are worshiping with us. Here at HCLC that is what is important. Membership comes as you feel more deeply about what goes on here and want to be a part of something which helps others and reaches others with the love of Jesus.



WEDDINGS AND BAPTISMS . . . do you need to make arrangements for Holy Cross to participate in these special occasions? Please call the church office first to see if the date and time is available. Pastor will be in touch with you after you have discussed dates and times with the office staff. Baptisms are usually done in the 11:00am service and are done for one family at a time (unless otherwise requested). Weddings are based upon Pastor’s schedule and the worship schedule of the minister.




RED WAGON . . . A Food Challenge! A continued reminder that the food pantry at Holy Cross is in desperate need of non-perishable food. Your donations of food will make a huge impact on our community. In these tough times more and more people are coming to our doors asking for assistance. Use your coupons and your gifts will be multiplied. There are more needs than ever before....so please dig deep.



PRAYING FOR ONE ANOTHER . . . there is a “prayer mailbox” on the table in the entranceway to the Church (right side as you leave through the red doors). It is there for you to request prayers for Sunday worship, to be prayed for on Wednesday evening by the Prayer Circle and to be included in our Parish News should you so desire. We cannot include the person on Sunday Prayer list unless we know who it from, so please be sure and give your name and telephone number. We encourage you to use this very special gift.



OUR STORE WEBSITE . . . is a great place to shop for that very special inspirational gift. Is your grandchild being baptized? Are your children being married this spring? Do your little ones need a great Christian CD or storybook? Maybe you need a new bible or something inspirational to read...what about a special cross for your home? www.crosswordsandgifts.com


OUR STORE RUNS ON VOLUNTEERS . . . can you help? Because so many give of their time to the store it keeps our overhead down to just purchasing product. Since the move to the main floor and the Christmas Craft Fair we have had a pick up in foot traffic (as they say in the business) so we could use some extra help. A few hours a week or a month will help greatly. You will meet new people, listen to guests who enter our doors and you never know who you will touch with your kind words, your encouragement or by helping them find the right gift to give someone. Call the church office or stop in the store and tell them of your willingness to help.






You can click the HOME button at the top left of this page and then scroll down and click on Sermon Podcast and you will find what you are looking for or want to listen to! Check us out on iTunes too and our mobile Apps!





HELPING PEOPLE KNOW AND SHARE THE LOVE OF CHRIST is what helps us to express our ministry here in the community. Very simply stated it says that we are about helping anyone who desires to be on a faith journey to come to know the amazing love, the grace of God who is in the gift of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for all people and then share that gift, that understanding, that joy, that message, with others.








YOUR GIVING MAKES A DIFFERENCE . . . because of you, people are coming to know a relationship with Jesus. Because of you we have a flourishing Confirmation program, a store going and growing, an active volunteer core, homebound are visited, the Gospel is preached, a rock band that has produced & marketed its first CD, prayers are prayed and Christian fellowship is nurtured. Please continue to be generous and remembering from whom all you have comes.


WE RECEIVE NO OUTSIDE HELP . . . or support. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, there is no money coming from a diocese or other church organization or church body to help support our ministry. Every dollar you give makes it possible for us to pay our bills.



ON-LINE MINISTRY DONATION . . . using your bank account you can make life easier for yourself throughout the year. Set up your online bank account to make an automatic withdrawal for the ministry of HCLC. It can be done once a week or monthly. Talk with your bank assistant. It’s simple...give them your name, address, zip, phone, account number, and have them write in the memo section of your check, your church offering envelope number. They will send the $$$ to HCLC. For those who feel “funny” not having an envelope or gift to put into the offering plate we will give you a packet of stickers that indicate you are doing on-line donations. Go to the Information Center in the narthex/lobby for more information or to pick up stickers.



A HINT ON BEING GENEROUS TO OUR MINISTRY . . . Susie Ormand, the personal finance guru (you may have seen her on talk shows and she’s written a book or two), recommends that you write a check to your favorite charity before you pay any other bills each month. If you put off your giving until the end of the month or the end of the year, she observes you are likely to feel guilty or broke. Being generous up front, she says, has a way of reassuring you that you really can survive on your income and help those who are less fortunate.



OPPORTUNITIES FOR GENEROUS GIVING . . . there are many ways to give to the ministry of HCLC thereby reflecting your giving to our God. We provide windows of opportunity for generous giving through your financial resources, items brought in and your gifts and talents.

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund; used to help people in need.

Sponsor-a-Bill; $$ go toward paying the bill

Operating Budget; goes to help pay the bills of this vibrant ministry

Special Ministry Appeals; RPL, RSVP, Work Camp, Seats for Souls, major repair bills (water main break, repair of front-way etc.)

Memorials; give $$ to memorialize someone

Thank Offering; give $$ to recognize someone

Bringing in items when requested; monthly ministry appeal, food, clothing, seasonal items, Meal Madness needs etc.

Item of the Month to keep expenses down

Paypal on line at our website for you to make donations

Participating and supporting in ministry fund raisers



YOUR HEART & GIVING TO GOD Jesus promises that if we invest our treasure for the work of the Kingdom of God, our hearts will follow: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Maybe risking our treasures will help our hearts go where we want them to go – into a closer relationship with God. We won’t always feel like we can risk a commitment. Sometimes all we feel is the anxiety. Jesus says take the risk, trust in God. Put your treasure where you want your heart to be, and your heart will go there. And it’s not just about money. It is about our entire lives being placed in God’s hands. We need to give away our worldly security, our money, our hopes, dreams, desires, loved ones, trusting that God has the very best in mind for us...risking our treasures to God so that he might bless us and those we care about. RELEASING OUR STUFF MAKES IT EASIER TO RECEIVE THE GRACE OF GOD (his unconditional love).


CAN YOU DIG DEEP? . . . every gift you give in the offering plate, using your envelope, sending it in electronically etc. HELPS us keep the ministry going and growing. These are tough economic times for you and for the church. YOUR HELP IS CRUCIAL.





The CHURCH BUDGET for 2014 was passed at November's Congregational meeting. In order to accomplish the ministry and mission that we feel certain God is calling us to do, WE NEED EVERY PERSON AND EVERY FAMILY of our congregation to prayerfully consider their giving. Many families are struggling during these economic times--our ministry can help. We bring spiritual comfort and the assurance that God cares...we give help in paying bills...we are a place to receive food care packages...we offer prayer...and more. Many of us are in a position to give a little more, especially to make up for those who have to give a little less as they find them selves with a loss of employment or reduced hours or mortgages that have spiraled out of control. But ALL of us need to remember that when we give to Holy Cross . . .

• we are giving BACK to God that which he has first given us

• we are trusting in God’s provision

• we are giving to God’s work through the ministry of HCLC

• it’s OUR ministry & mission TOGETHER for Jesus Christ and his people


We are called to be stewards of all that God has given us. Being a steward has to do with managing. It has to do with lovingly managing -- humbling managing -- all that God has given us. And so we manage what God has first given us . . . our time, our lives, our talents, our resources which includes our finances and our blessings. What can you give to the Lord for all his benefits to you? You can give him your self in praise, in prayer, in worship and in service to Him by serving others . . . give some of your self to God’s mission and ministry right here at Holy Cross...this is your church home and your church family ! ! !





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